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First-Year Seminar in the Humanities

The First-Year Seminar in the Humanities is an initiative that aims to create a community of first year students and faculty who think creatively and analytically about fundamental human experiences like friendship, love, loss, play, space, time, cultural difference, and artistic expression. Though seminars participating in this initiative will focus on different topics, they will share one or more objects of study, including but not limited to films, literature, works of art, or musical compositions. Students from these seminars will occasionally meet as a group to discuss those shared works. The aim is to transform the FYS experience with shared fieldtrips, explorations of Richmond city’s art and culture, and a deeper understanding of how the methods of the humanities allow us to connect the personal and global in lasting ways.

In the academic year 2016-2017, the following First-Year Seminars will participate in the Humanities initiative:

Fall 2016:

(Group 1)

Dr. Linda Fairtile- Staging Conflict: Opera, Politics, and Society
Dr. Kasongo Kapanga- Expansion of Europe & Asia in Africa
Dr. Lidia Radi – Friendship, Love and Desire

(Group 2)

Dr. David Brandenberger – Crime and Punishment in Russian Literature and Film
Dr. Yvonne Howell - Hard to Be a God: Revolutionary Ideals and Russian Science Fiction

Spring 2017:

(Group 1)

Dr. Elizabeth Baughan- Wining and Dining in the Ancient Mediterranean
Dr. Elena Calvillo- Friendship, Collaboration and Conviviality

(Group 2)

Dr. Jessie Fillerup- What is Time?
Dr. Geoff Goddu- Puzzles and Paradoxes: Time Travel, Infinity, and Beyond